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Sonic Minecraft Bed Sheets Minecraft Duvet Covers Twin Full Queen King Bed Set - Lusy Store

Sonic Minecraft Bed Sheets Minecraft Duvet Covers Twin Full Queen King Bed Set


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Deep Dark Minecraft Bed Sheets Steve Duvet Covers Twin Full Queen King Bed Set

  • Fabric material: 5% Polyester, 95% Cotton no harm to health, easy machine wash, no ruffle, no shrinkage.
  • Application Size: US, UK, AU
  • Printing And Dyeing Process: Digital Printing
  • Package: Duvet Cover and Pillowcase
  • The room will become more lovely and cozy with this bedding set.
  • A special gift for Minecraft Fans!

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Size Chart:

Bed Set Duvet cover Pillowcase
US TWIN 1x Duvet cover: 173cmx218cm (68”x85”)  1x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm (19”x29”)
US FULL 1x Duvet cover: 203cmx229cm (80”x90”) 2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm (19”x29”)
US QUEEN 1x Duvet cover: 228cmx228cm (89”x89”) 2x Pillowcase: 51cmx90cm (20”x35”)
US KING 1x Duvet cover: 260cmx228cm (102”x90”) 2x Pillowcase: 51cmx90cm (20”x35”)
AU SINGLE 1x Duvet cover: 140cmx210cm (55”x83”) 1x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm (19”x29”)
AU DOUBLE 1x Duvet cover: 180cmx210cm (71”x83”) 2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm (19”x29”)
AU QUEEN 1x Duvet cover: 210cmx210cm (83”x83”) 2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm (19”x29”)
AU KING 1x Duvet cover: 240cmx220cm (94”x90”) 2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm (19”x29”)
UK SINGLE 1x Duvet cover: 135cmx200cm (53”x79”) 1x Pillowcase: 80cmx80cm (31”x31”)
UK DOUBLE 1x Duvet cover: 200cmx200cm (79”x79”) 2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm (19”x29”)
UK KING 1x Duvet cover: 230cmx230cm (90”x90”) 2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm (19”x29”)
UK SUPPER KING 1x Duvet cover: 260cmx220cm (102”x86”) 2x Pillowcase: 50cmx75cm (19”x29”)

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